The theme wagons

The theme models, as their customized counterparts, are conceived with the customer in order to implement his project or dream.
These creative and artistic wagons are unique! You will never see another one like yours since its conception  is the fruit of your imagination.

 Guignol's wagon

In the Monts du Lyonnais area, this project was made for a Guignol enthusiast (Guignol is a key figure of Lyon’s culture). And so this light, itinerant wagon was born, to perform Guignol shows along the road.

 Chapel wagon

Returning from a trip in the Cluny area, famous for its Roman chapels, building this wagon became an evidence. Inspired by the smooth and plain architecture of the chapels, I decided to adorn the wagon with stained glass windows.

Ironically, this wagon is built on a war tank! The bronze bell was cast more than 150 years ago and comes from a former stagecoach in the Beaujolais area. It still rings at least once a day!

Sculpted stone gargoyle

 Gompa wagon

Back from Ladak and the Indian Hamalayas, I had the idea of building a wagon inspired by the Buddhist monasteries. The walls are made of cedar tree just as the traditional houses and some monasteries you can see in the Sangla Valley, at the end of a chaotic runway and after many hours by bus.

The roof is adorned with wooden pendants similar to those you see in the monasteries of this same valley.

Prayer wheels (in yew wood), which are major symbols of Buddhism, have been incorporated in the walls of the wagon and the bronze handles come from the Nubra Valley.

Oriental wagon

The idea of building this wagon came to me after a trip to the High and Middle Atlas in Morocco and a several year training as a stained-glass artist. The door lock was hand-forged by a Moroccan craftsman and is a unique.

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