Tailored wagons

We have the possibility of constructing larger models (longer than 6 meters) on demand, and suited to your needs or wishes.
The solution will depend on the place where the wagon will stay (climate conditions matter : wind, lightness), on your project (house extension, gite, office, workshop, meditation place, trailer hitch), on the size of the wagon, its positioning, the number and size of the windows, the size of the door …

We conceive the wagon together on the phone, by mail or in my workshop.

All options are possible to make your wagon unique and customized.

The small wagons

The large wagons

Wagons with Wooden Wheels

Horse-Drawn Wagons

These wagons are customized as a result of their manufacturing details.

Thus the wagon with the nailed door has real wrought iron nails on its door, the carved wagon has a golden cherry tree carved horse on its door, the balcony model houses dry toilets, and the sky-lights model has its intake of natural light.

The wagons with wooden wheels have a very special charming look since they are more similar to the traditional ancient gypsy wagons. They are still compact (4mx2m) so they can also be equipped in the same way as the small ones and be parked in a garden or a small land area.

The model with 2 doors has a roof overhang on the left in order to protect the entrance.

The model with the barrel offers a chimney annexed to a stove and a water reserve allowing some autonomy.

The model with the large wheels has an oak wood floor.

The big customized models are between 5 and 7 meters long and are real living places. Most of them have a side door allowing for a home organization with a closed bathroom, a sleeping space and a living space.

This plain-looking wagon has a double row of sky-lights and provides no less than 33 windows, making the inside very clear.

The wagons with a side door have a roof overhang protecting the entrance.

The wagon with the double entrance door has been extended thus making it a real home.

The horse-drawn wagons are similar to the gypsy’s.  They are intended for a hitch and are provided with brand new trailer axles. They are the legacy of a past when people could take things more slowly. Intended for long-distance travels or tourism (vacation rental), they are both light and steerable.

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