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R sculptée c
R carolephoto 021_800x600_edited

Our wooden interiors

Anneaux de rideaux en if
Toilettes sèches
Luminaire en verre peint
photo iphon 065_800x600_edited
photo iphon 079_800x600_edited
Other interiors
Roulotte aux toilettes sèches
Table de berger
Table de berger
Coin cuisine
Lit clos
Lit clos

This wagon is intended to be a housing in a community. It is equipped in such a way that you enjoy maximum comfort with a minimum of space. It offers a double bed, a shepherd table, a counter, a wardrobe, a bookshelf and even dry toilets located on the right of the balcony. All furniture is in cedar wood, including the dry toilets.

Roulotte aux 33 fenêtres
Etagères de cuisine, cèdre
Etagères de rangement, cèdre

This wagon is intended to be a house extension (extra guest room) and has 33 windows. It is luminous, convenient and comfortable. The owner wanted to have a panoramic view of the outside whether standing or laying down in the wagon. It offers storage shelves, kitchen furniture with a sink, a double bed including storage space and a pedestal table. All furniture is made of cedar wood.

Grande roulotte à "lanternaux"
Petit meuble de rangement
Escalier pour le lit
Petit meuble de rangement

This wagon is intended to be a main house and has been equipped with an extra-large double bed (2mx2m) with a staircase allowing for a child to have his own playing and sleeping space under the bed. It also offers a counter with sink and shelves as well as a small cupboard.
Afterwards, an extension has been built with the increase of the family!

Petite roulotte lasure naturelle
arrière de la roulotte
Coin cuisine
Table et banc

This wagon is intended to be an additional living space and has been equipped to live in it. It has a counter with a washbasin, a table, a bench, and a shower (behind the bed) with shelves. To decorate the wagon, 2 windows have been replaced, one by a moon-shaped opening, the other by a flower-shaped opening. The furniture is made of cedar wood and the shower wall and shelves are in pine wood. All furniture is Rouléeêve’s creation.

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