The road-homologated trailer belongs in the future and is the 21st century wagon!

The nomadic spirit is still present in a world in which cars have replaced horses.
The traditional gypsy wagons were substituted by caravans which symbolized paid vacation and the freedom to leave with one’s second home. Today our desire to escape, to travel and to meet others is still here in addition to a need for getting back to basics, to real values and nice things!
The wagon is like a cocoon and cannot bear large series. In our times of unbridled consumerism, how pleasant to have the possibility of criss-crossing roads with both a mobile and traditional home, for an ecological and sustainable new way of living!


Our road-homologated trailers are made of wood. They are ecological and can be energy self-sufficient. They are totally hand-made in France by Roulérêve with high-quality and noble materials.
We use the same materials as for our other models.

The road homologated wagons

Roulotte routière
Roulotte homologuée pour la route
Roulotte homologuée pour la route
Roulotte avec carte grise
Roulotte routière
Roulotte routière
Roulotte avec carte grise
Roulotte homologuée pour la route

These wagons are road-homologated. This means that they have their own grey registration document, unlike the “tiny houses” which only have a registration document for the chassis thus leading to a legal loophole regarding responsibility and insurance in the event of an accident).
The “passage to the Mines” (a French state expert homologation service) ensures that the rules, construction standards, road traffic circulation regulations and load distribution are respected.
It validates the release into free circulation.

These wagons can be drawn by certain types of passenger vehicles, by 4x4 or by a utility vehicle. This implies the driver has the B96 driving license with a weight limit of 4 250 kg as authorized rolling total weight.
Obtaining the B96 driving license is very easy since it only requires a 7-hour training when you already hold a B category license.


You can park your road-homologated model at home or in your backyard since you do not need any authorization to do so. Indeed, the Town Planning Code considers the trailers as caravans “land accommodation vehicles … intended for temporary or seasonal leisure occupancy”

Town Planning Code: article R111-50 decree n°2015-178 dated December 2015

“Caravans can be parked until their next use on the area where the owner’s main housing stands”

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