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Roulotte de Mila
Roulotte "Gîte en Chassagne"
Porte de la salle de bain
Roulotte sculptée
Bibliothèque en bois d'if
Roulotte de la chouette
Roulotte "mobil-home" de charme

This wagon was equipped and decorated by Nomadtinyhouse in view of combining leisure and rest with the possibility of freshening up. The kitchen furniture is in cedar wood, the protection board behind the sink, the bookshelves and the big curtain fixing devices are all in yew wood, and the frieze decorating the door is made of wooden of drowning. All curtain rods and fixing devices are home-made.

Roulotte de Lure
Salle de bain
Roulotte Esmeralda
Entrée de la salle de bain
Roulotte en Bretagne
Roulotte en Bourgogne
Roulotte champenoise aux haflingers
Roulotte en Pyrénées

This wagon is intended to be a rural guest-house and is settled in a small campsite in the Monts du Lyonnais. It has a side opening which has allowed for the creation of a bathroom on the left of the entrance. The remaining space was then conceived as a traditional wagon. The owners, great travelers, builders and artists, took care of the equipment.  They have also built their own house in the wilds in Chile.

This wagon with its side door settled in the middle of the lavender field of the southern Drôme region. It has been equipped by Nomadtinyhouse and decorated by the owners to make guest rooms. All furniture is in cedar wood. It offers bunk beds, one large bed and a bathroom space the door of which is at the right of the bed.

This wagon settled among the “cabanes de Marie” in the Swiss countryside. It was equipped and decorated by the interior designer Jorge Canete on the theme “Vice and Versailles, my palace in a wagon”. It welcomes the guests of a family which has completely changed its way of living to make its dream come true.

Roulotte gîte - coin cuisine
Roulotte gîte - coin cuisine
Roulotte gîte - coin couchage /salon
Roulotte habitation
Roulotte gîte
Roulotte d'habitation

This wagon has chosen to settle down in the heart of the Champagne vineyards in an unspoilt area with 2 haflinger horses for companionship. This small mobile wooden housing was first equipped by the owners as a proper comfortable living area and was then transformed into a charming living-room / bedroom.

This wagon, cosy nest in the heart of the Bresse region, is a light structure for week-ends, vacations and leisure time. It is a charming mobile home offering all amenities: shower, sink, stove and electrical heating.  All fixed furniture was created by Roulérêve. The kitchen cabinet, the bed with its step and the shelves are in cedar wood. The shower wall is in pine wood. All removable pieces of furniture and decoration have been provided by the owners.

This wagon lives happily in Brittany. It is a small cocoon in which its Parisian owner finds peace and rest. The bed and wardrobe were created by Nomadtinyhouse. The wagon was then painted, decorated and equipped by the owner in an interesting mix of kitsch and baroque styles.

This wagon has been completely painted by its owners. It is located beside an 18th century farmhouse in the Alpes de Haute Provence region. This guest room offers a bathroom with shower, basin and heater. It is accessible by the bed since it is just behind it. The bed, shelves, and bathroom cupboard were created by Roulérêve. The equipment and decoration features have been provided by the owners.

This charming wagon is located in a countryside setting in the heart of the Aude area. It has been soberly decorated by the owners to make a guest room. It was nicknamed “the owl wagon” and is surrounded by horses, dogs and geese.

This wagon is alternatively a home, a gite or a guest was equipped and decorated by the owner. It is a peaceful place combining well-being and festive atmosphere. It is located in the Burgundy area. The bed, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe, shelves and luminaires are made of cedar wood and were created by Nomadtinyhouse

This wagon is the main home of a young couple. It also nested the birth of a baby. The bed, kitchen cupboard, shelves and wardrobe are made of cedar wood and were created by Roulérêve.
A piece of furniture, brought back from India by the owners, decorates the left angle of the bed.
A stove has been installed to face the rigors of winters in the Lozere area. 

photo iphon 065_800x600_edited
photo iphon 079_800x600_edited
Other interiors

“I ended up in a village house, the snail had lost its shell … I thought that I could also live in a house, “as anybody else”, and forget the time when every day Mother Nature would come to wake me up, make me feel the cold winter air or the freshness of summer rain … in this house, despite its comfort, I can no longer hear the rain, feel the wind, or hear the birds calling for me.
The fragrance of wood, its cracking noise as the seasons change, its swelling when the rain is coming, all this is no longer part of my daily life … (la Roulotte de Magalie)

For a wagon's love

Roulotte routière bibliothèque
Intérieur roulotte bibliothèque
Panneaux solaires
Table pliante

This “library wagon” was conceived to go towards young people and to create a place for exchange in a very special place where they have the possibility of reading and watching movies. Launched by a local youth organization, this project required a road-homologated wagon in order to criss-cross the roads of the Besançon area. All furniture is made of cedar wood and was created by Nomadtinyhouse.
The roof solar panels allow for the power supply of the wagon (coffee machine etc) and make it autonomous.

Roulotte en Belgique
R laura marianne c

This wagon was first a refuge and a cozy nest before turning into a vacation rental in a campsite. It has a kitchen corner with a small table, and a toilet space with dry toilets behind the bed.
Its relaxing atmosphere is an invitation to rest.

Our wagons come to life

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