We offer 3 types of regular models: the small wagon (4 meters), the medium size (5 m) and the large one (6 m). All of them have a wood or steel frame with tyres. They are all equipped with a staircase, cedar window frames and door.

Side friezes, wooden advance or balcony are available as an option.

The inside equipment can include a bed (without mattress), and depending on the size of the wagon, a bathroom, a kitchen, an electrical installation …or it can be sold unequipped according to your wishes.

Our Models

The 4 meter wagons

These wagons measure 4 meters long and 2.1 meters wide as internal dimension. They are compact enough to remain in a limited place such as a garden or a courtyard. These models are the nearest equivalent to the traditional “verdines” of our Gypsy ancestors. It is possible to put a bed, a counter and a small table or any other type of equipment. They constitute a simple country home, retirement place, guest room or bed and breakfast. They are typical of the “wagon spirit”.

The inside dimension of these wagons is 5mx2,1m or 6mx2,10m.
These large models are like charming mobile homes. They are genuine spaces of life and can be equipped like a studio flat including a bathroom, a counter and a table.
These wagons are heavy and usually remain at the place where they have been initially placed.

They can be used as main housing, gîte or working place (workshop, paramedical practice, etc) and constitute a pleasant living space in which several spaces may be organized.

The5 and 6 meter wagons

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