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The stairs are made of wooden because it is very hard and solid, which is essential for intense frequency places.
 The side friezes can also be made of oak or wooden in order to be carved and to show different shades of wood. It is also possible to ask for an oak flooring.

Oak and Walnut Wood

Olarch Wood

The external coating of the wagons is made of knot-free larch wood. Indeed, while growing, the tree is delimbed to prevent knots which could fall from the coating and make a hole (with possible water infiltration).
Larch is a high-quality wood used for exterior exposure It is rot-proof and can be used in extreme conditions to make houses, especially in the Queyras region. The larch we use comes from sustainably managed forests implying that each cut tree is replaced by a new one.


The heat insulation of walls and ceiling is ensured by rigid panels of compressed wood fibres (wood wool) without any synthetic binder (urea-formaldehyde resins are toxic). This material is a high quality thermal and phonic insulation product.
We use this material for our road-homologated wagons.

All our wagons are insulated with eco-friendly materials (no rock wool, mineral wool or polystyrene)


The internal coating of the wagons is made of pine wood and has knots for the aesthetic effect. The floors are made of knot-free pine or larch wood.
The pine we use is of French origin.


Window and door frames, balconies, stairs, bedstead and some pieces of furniture are made of cedar wood. It is a rot-free wood adapted to exterior exposure and it can bear extreme weather conditions. It is used in the south of the Indian Himalayas to build houses and temples. It is also used for interior design since it is easy to work. Its texture is pleasant, it has a nice veining and has a pleasant lasting smell.

Our cedar wood originates from commercial timber cuts or from providers in the Rhone-Alpes region.


The wagon furniture is made of different types of wood depending on our inspiration but we use hew wood to bring a colored touch. This wood is rather rare, grows very slowly and presents a red-orange veining which darkens over time like these prayer wheels.
The hew we use comes from a tree which lived 300 years ago and was unfortunately cut a few years ago. He was then contemporary to the Sun King!
We also use cherry wood as well as the wood of other fruit trees.

The materials

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